Wednesday, September 30, 2009

health post

i'm sick. i think i caught the creepy crawlies from my-linh, which i'm fine with, because i boucne back from illness relatively fast. i just feel like poop.

my aunt is really sick, though. they thought her lady parts had prolapsed, which means that they were poking out when they're not supposed to. the doctors in the e.r. said it's actually her rectum sticking out. that terrifies me. her immune system is suppressed from chemo, which keeps her disease in check, and if she gets an infection she could die. they're thinking they need to do surgery on her and that could kill her too. she had clotting disorders that can kill her while she's in there. there's so many things going on with her right now that it scares the fuck out of me. i get annoyed with her sometimes but she doesn't deserve this crap. i don't want her to be pain like i know she is and i don't like thinking that this stuff can kill her. i know i'm thinking of the worst case scenario but i have to because it's always a possibility with her and the way her disease is. i just wish i could make her not hurt or make this shit go away.

Monday, September 28, 2009

i'm working on my paper for my us history class and while not hard, i seem to be struggling with finding the right words to put down. stupid wars.

i'm listening to cursive while i write, though, and it helps a little bit. tim kasher makes me aspire to be smarter and happier. idk why.

Monday, September 21, 2009


that is how this paper is making me feel. my bank account won't post the rest of my check yet so i can't get what i want in the american apparel sale on hautelook or my effin books! THIS IS CRAP!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

random musings

- luke hoskin from protest the hero is probably in all seriousness the cutest canadian man to ever exist. arguments could be made for wade macneill from alexisonfire but wheelchair jimmy from degrassi will never qualify.
- that being said, i very clearly have a thing for canandian men. i'd say canadian musicians but they gave us bryan adams and i'm unsure as to how i feel there.
- when you realize you're about to brush your teeth with bath & body works liquid antibacterial vanilla sugar soap, you sure as hell become a lot more grateful for those dang blue beads they got.
- president obama calling kanye west a jackass is by far the funniest and saddest thing ever. when the president of the nation puts us on an official love lockdown like that, you gotta wonder what's going on.
- the anna sui for target line was a serious letdown. it's bad when the only dress you thought was ugly ends up being the cute one on you that you buy and the pretty ones look like shit on you. seriously, the blue dress from the blair line made me look like violet beuregarde from willy wonka. not cute. let me repeat, NOT. CUTE.
- this is all an elaborate ruse to avoid getting ready for school.

and here's a gif because i need flashy things to distract me always.

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i love me some toki wartooth.

Monday, September 14, 2009


i got nothing right now

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


i was planning on writing a post about my love for basketball BUT that one is just going to have to wait because upon my departure from my nightly shower, i find out that katrina is doing a monthly giveaway!

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i mean, look at how effin cute that is! that one's not up for givesies this time but she is giving away both a wishbone necklace and a i <3 paris necklace. so, if you really love me, you're gonna go and enter this shit too and win it and give it to me! the link's below!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

protest the hero

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okay, my obsession with this band is continuing to escalate to epic proportions. it all started at warped tour 08 when lydia, one of my besties, decided that we needed to see this band called protest the hero. by the end of the set, i was hooked. any band that says that miami is built on cocaine and murder and breaks the rule of not swearing in public by dropping the f-bomb all over the place earns my love.

it's just growing from there.. youtube videos of them. twitter posts. blogs. it's getting to be bad. if there's ever a dvd, i will be dead.

sigh. i love this band.