Sunday, June 27, 2010

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hi. i don't know your name or who you are or what you do but maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, you are fine as hale.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

because i was exhausted from work yesterday, i didn't get a chance to update this sucker but i have embarked upon the start of my new healthy body plan.

i've started doing yoga again and plan on getting at least twenty minutes in each day whenever possible. i've started doing stomach crunches and planks to get a flatter belly, which has always been my biggest body concern and because belly fat is the worst to keep on your frame. i'm planning on doing at least 30 minutes of cardio four times a week, walking around my neighborhood whenever i can with my little sister, riding my bike again in the afternoons. i've cut pop out of my diet, started limiting my portions of food and am trying to eat more fruits and vegetables, less sweets and carbs.

i finally decided to stop being compacent. it's not that i think i'm fat or that i have an urge to be rail thin or have a desire to have anybody's body but my own. i just need to stop being lazy. i've gotten so bad about actually getting my ass up to do anything lately that it's nto really a wonder i've put on some weight. my goal is thirty pounds by december to at least get myself into the healthy range of my body mass index. if i can lose more, that'd be great but for once, it's really not so much about losing the weight as it is about developing better life habits for myself. after all, i got one life to live and i want to make the most out of it and i truly feel that being a few pounds lighter would ease my body aches and pains and allow me more mobility and flexibility in doing the things i want to do. i'm monitoring my progress and will post about it here monthly so i can track myself.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

father's day

today is the day that was chosen a hundred years ago to celebrate the fact that we have fathers. for some people, they consider the genetic donor of seed to their mother and half of their chromosomal makeup to merely be a sperm donor. for other people, they consider step-fathers, older brothers, grandfathers, uncles, influential male figures in their lives to be the closest things they have to a father. for an even luckier few, they have their biological father who has remained a solid and influential figure in their lives. i am amongst those lucky few.

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this is my father. he is honestly one of the best people that i know and i would probably say that, even if he wasn't my dad. he's the kind of person who goes out of his way to help others, would give you the shirt off his back if he saw that you needed it more than he did. he and i have always had a really good relationship because we have a shitload of common interests, find humor in the most inappropriate situations and like to make fun of pretty much everything we can. we have the same eyes, the same sense of humor, the same odd vocabulary that often baffles people who enter into conversation with us.

i have the same sense of socialization as he does where we both have to talk to everybody that we possibly can, find out everything that we can about other people. i'm reminded of this every time i go to visit him at the hospital that he works at and everybody comes up and says hello to him and for the most part, he knows everybody's name from the higher ups down to the janitors. it never ceases to make me proud to have people come up to me and ask me if i'm his daughter.

i will always be proud and happy to answer yes. to tell people that i am my father's daughter. happy father's day, daddy. i love you.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

i neglect this thing so much but i've decided to take a bigger undertaking with it and actually use it to write down the ish that has been going on in my life. but tonight, i keep it short, sweet and extremely random.

case in point- i just got home from chicago where i've spent the last eight days. it's hard to go back there because technically, it is home to me and being there makes me want to move back. it's not a feasibly possible thing for me right now because i need to have my degree and a job and oh yeah, that little thing called money. i like orlando. i like chicago. i may even end up somewhere completely random in the long run. i'm keeping my options open but the nomadic itch is starting to push its way through again.

i leave you with me and my rocking side pony before i get my hair did at the end of the month. woooooooord.

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