Sunday, January 23, 2011


yet again, i neglect this blog.

however, it is with just cause. i have two jobs now. i generally work a full 40-50 hours a week, depending on how scheduling goes. i'm still running my grandpa and aunt around. on the weekend, if i have time/are not working, i'm actually having a social life with friends. oh, and i'm taking a class. it's online but it still counts.

it's crazy to be as busy as i am now but oddly enough, i like it. being busy makes me feel less bored with my life.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

new year, new start, same ol me

i never do anything on time. notorious for it. however, i still have my own list of new year's resolutions that i want/need to state to see if i follow through on them this year.

1) better myself as a person. very general but a good thought nonetheless.

2) become healthier. my actual goal is lose forty pounds over the course of the next year to get to a healthy bmi and at a weight where i feel more comfortable with myself again. i've already taken the first steps towards this by buying food separately from my family (literally, all we have here is hxc processed food) and exercising :/ blech.

3) ride my bike at least three times a week. it's only a cruiser but i love going out on it, i just need to make more of an effort at it.

4) learn a craft. i'm leaning towards knitting right now to kill whatever spare time i have left and to add a destressing activity to my already nutty life.

5) take more pictures. i have a camera, not the best and not the worst, but a simple point and shoot that i should be lugging around with me but never do.

these are all really simple goals, things that ought to be followed very easily so this is my new year. i'm ready to go.