Monday, August 31, 2009

for some ungodly reason, my blog apparently can't be viewed. go figure. fml.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

lists and gif(t)s that have nothing to do with nothing

i feel like doing a brief overview of myself because a) i can't remember if i have or not and b) i'm too lazy to go back through my previous posts to look. i'll break up the monotony with gif files....per usual.

name: jillian leigh. aliases include jill, jilly, jillybeans, jillarin, jill the robot and various other things that have been dealt to me over the years.

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birthday: march 24th, 1987. that makes me 22 if you don't want to do the math. i'm both a young 22 and an old 22. a contradiction, yes, but that's the story of my life.

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family: mother, lynn. father, tom. older sister, kelly. her husband, ricky. her kids, isabella and nathan. older brother, brandon. younger sister, caitlyn. grandpa, howard. aunt, susie. uncle, pete. crapload of cousins and such.

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pets: one crazy kitten named burglar. love her but she destroys everything.

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origins: born in oak lawn, illinois. lived in alsip and great lakes, illinois until the age of 5. moved to orlando, florida in 1992 and have been here since.

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schooling: durrance elementary, waterford elementary, cypress springs elementary. discovery middle. university high school. valencia community college where i got an aa in general studies. university of central florida where i am going for a bachelor's in history. as of now, ucf is looking to hold me a few more years because the possibility of grad school. ew.

music: for this one, i'm linking my account because it's too much work to get the dang list up. there

interests: clothing. internet shopping. bestie hangouts. food network. travel channel. anthony bourdain. bizarre foods. harassing tourists. random car trips. naps. eating. the plaza theater in downtown orlando. the enzian. the social. backbooth. going to shows. reading ontd (biggest guilty pleasure). history. museums. field trips. love. laughter. life.

random factoids: i refuse to eat bananas and eggs. tomatoes were on that list but i've been exposing myself to it more slowly and it's not that worst form of torture. i have a phobia of bridges. i have a crush on practically every bearded man under the age of forty. i talk to our cat in a baby voice. i love collecting odd bits of jewelry and crazy purses. i'm a tomboy but i love the color pink.

okay, i think that just about sums it up so boo and yah. next time, we'll be back to our regularly scheduled program.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

tuts mi barreh


Saturday, August 15, 2009

my mother gave me a lecture tonight about me being pretty. i find it really funny because this is probably the time in my life when i've been most accepting of myself. growing up, i had a hard time being accepting of myself and my body. but now, i finally hit a point where i think i'm somewhat attractive and work (sometimes) to make myself look pretty and dress up when i never used to and she calls me out for not thinking that i am.

i've never been skinny. it's not meant for me, either, i don't think. i have a bigger frame on my body and while i'm not fat, i'm certainly not thin and i'm fine with that. of course, there's always things i want to improve upon. tone up different areas, eat healthier, exercise more but overall, i'm finally at a point in my life where i can look in the mirror and be okay with what i see. i'm not a supermodel, i'll never win a most gorgeous person award but i like how i look and i like who i am and i accept myself, flaws and all. most of the time.

i have tattoos and i have piercings and i dye my hair but these are things i want to do. they're things i choose to do. my mother brought them all up and let out a sigh and flat out told me 'i don't think you realize just how pretty you are." for her to say this is a small miracle. for me to feel it is another one. i am pretty in my own way. i'm not perfect and i love that about myself. and yes, mom, for the record, i do realize that i'm pretty now. so in a weird way, thank you.