Wednesday, October 29, 2008

halloween. my favorite holiday of the year. but costuming is an issue now. a vast majority of the adult costumes are either too kiddy or too slutty for my tastes. i can't gallavant around town in a bikini and fishnets. i'll look like britney spears at the vma's, a chubby trainwreck. hmm, possible costume idea.

anyway, i digress. so what is a girl to do? my first costume idea might possibly fall through because i'm still waiting for a dress to be sent in the mail that i can use and the backup plan, as of now, is to be katy perry. that damn katy perry. well, if i have to rely on it, at least i can make up good parodies.

lolhamster tiem.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

random bits

sleep is my friend and my enemy. groggy all day and now i'll be up all night. rad.

i'm thinking of dying my hair again. i change hair color a lot.

homework is the devil.

i leave you with a puppy.


Saturday, October 25, 2008

sometimes, you have the kind of nights that make you feel really good about life. last night was one of them.

when i got to backbooth, i ran into two friends of mine that i haven't seen in probably a year of two, jay and gabe. so we hung out during the show and what a show, it was.

the first band was this group called j roddy and the business. the bassist alone had my attention with his pornstache and his long, curly hair. i was like a horse with blinders on for their set, just mesmerized by this guy. decent music, hilarious set but it was unintentionally so, which makes it that much better.

next was william elliott whitmore and holy lord, was he fantastic. he did a few songs just singing, no instruments and then he busted out his banjo and his guitar. he also debuted some new songs from his next album and by far, my favorite is going to be 'johnny law'. he finished up and found out he still had twenty minutes so he took requests and i hollered for him to play 'take it on the chin', which is my favorite of his songs. he started playing it and halfway through, he realized that he forgot how it went so he had to get help from people. amazing.

after him was murder by death. they wore robot costumes and adam thurla, the lead singer, told the worst robot jokes i have ever heard. but they played the best setlist possible with songs from all of their albums and some of my favorite.

i do think the highlight of my evening, though, was meeting william elliott whitmore while he was drunk as hell and him continuing to offer to buy me drinks with me politely refusing. great guy, lots of fun and a great hugger but very persistent.

i had such an amazing night last night and i'm so glad that i felt decent enough to go. i'm even wearing the shirt i bought last night because i'm trying to hold this feeling a little longer. i wish i could go to shows for a living. what a life that would be.

oh, just for the lolz. here's a cat macro.


Friday, October 24, 2008

william elliott whitmore


william elliott whitmore. how i love thee. your soulful voice. your tattoos. the love you have for your podunk state of iowa. the passion and pain we can hear in your voice when you sing. i can't wait until i finally get to see you tonight and enjoy your music in person instead of through my dinky ipod headphones or the shaky sound system in my car.

oh, and murder by death.


you're not too shabby either.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

so today was my shopping trip because a) i like shopping by myself and b) i wanted new stuff. let me just say, this stuff i found at target from soap and glory cosmetics is my new favorite thing.


it's supposed to firm your skin and rid you of cellulite but even if it doesn't accomplish its purpose, i'm going to keep buying it because it makes my skin super soft and it leaves your skin tingly and cool, which is nice. a plus for you, soap and glory gel stuff.

Monday, October 20, 2008

i love old people. they amuse me when they try to talk to my voicemail like it's actually me on the line. very adorable.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


this is, by far, my worst habit. i have a tendency to put off the task i'm supposed to do until i absolutely have to do it or i find something else to do instead. case in point: i'm supposed to read thirty pages of an essay and take notes on it for my medieval ireland class. mind you, i have about 17 pages done now but instead of sitting down and doing it all in one go, i've cleaned my room, read three magazines, drank two cups of tea, read a book, broke a nail and bandaged it up and internet browsed.

sometimes, it makes me wonder if i have a.d.d. or something because i can't sit still and i can't focus half the time. it's slightly frustrating to not be able to sit still. like even now, i just got up and paced around the hallway and am organizing my photobucket and looking for lolcats. yeesh. but i will leave you with my favorite lolcat for the day.


Friday, October 17, 2008

life update

midterms came back and i did tolerable. one a, one b, one c plus and one c. not my best ever but in the classes i got c's on, i have a lot more chances to make up for the grades.

i babysit five days next week, which is awesome, because it means i'm gonna have fat pockets for a bit but i'm also going to three concerts next week. on thursday, i'm going to see gaslight anthem at park ave for free and then drive to st. pete to see protest the hero and then on friday, i get to go see murder by death and william elliot whitmore. i'm also going to try and stop by the aveda institute and cut my hair cut and colored. i'm not sure yet.

lots of homework, lots of stuff to do. very busy me but very good.

Monday, October 13, 2008



i could only hope to be half as awesome as her. she looks so gorgeous.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

i am ashamed to say that i am actually excited to go senses fail in sebastian now on tuesday. i just found out, by the powers of wikipedia, that heath saraceno who was formerly in midtown is now in the band. that alone makes my trip worth it to me. oh, midtown and senses fail. how you remind me of my junior/senior year of high school. this is gonna be great.
overworked and overwhelmed, that is what i am. i go from being non-busy and non-social to being super busy and non-social. i'm working on the socializing aspect, though. i'm starting to go out more and hang out with more people, head downtown every week or two to go see a show or go dancing. easing back into it is better for me. people don't normally expect it from me but i'm painfully shy at times, i just mask it with a boisterous appearance.

this coming week is going to be a little nuts. i have a presentation and midterm on tuesday, followed by a mini roadtrip to take my grandpa back to his house and while i'm there, i'm going to see senses fail in sebastian, florida. why? because there is nothing else to do in sebastian, florida and this ought to provide some lolz. thursday night, i'm probably going to this party downtown called hands up orlando. i guess they're kind of like the misshapes of the city but it's two guys from my history of cuba class and they're pretty cool so i can venture out for them and some dancing with my sister and my best guy friend.

work's good but babysitting always is. four days this week. i just need like a vacation or a timeout to sit down and just marvel at the different crap i am managing to fit in. even now, i'm taking a break from cleaning the house before my mom comes home because it is her birthday and this is my job for the afternoon. in parting, i leave you with this just because looking at it makes me happy:


god, he is beautiful