Sunday, May 31, 2009

list of the weeeeeeeeek

instead of socializing with the crap ton of people that are going in and out of my sister's house at warp speed, i have holed up in her bedroom to type out some random crap. i'm not in the best of moods today so i'm hoping that i can turn my emo little frown upside down and put a smile back on. besides, there's someone somewhere worse off than myself so i really can't be too bummed out. and so, onwards with the random list of the week.

- rocket fuel (the drink) sneaks up on you real fast
- walking in high heels while tipsy is a valuable asset and one of my new favorite skills.
- the orlando magic pwns everyone
- lebron james is overhyped
- i'm way too into basketball
- fire pits are awesome
- cuddle pillows are where it's at
- i miss my sister's kitty
- i'm going to buy her a leash and see if we can't teach her to walk on it
- i want to go fly in space
- it's nice to have a good support system when you're blue (da be de da be di)
- i love my best friend
- i hate getting shitty wake up calls
- i really hate crying, especially in front of other people
- my face looks like a tomato when i get upset
- i love belting out songs in my car on the highway by myself
- i'm glad i realized that before my trip to naples/miami in july
- i ought to be able to afford my feet tattoos by the end of june
- soap operas suck
- i like making lists

i feel slightly better now. all i need now is some lolcats and kitty cuddles and all is right as rain again. ballin'.


has definitely proven to be an interesting weekend.

the rest of this is to be determined later.

Monday, May 25, 2009

h8 h8 h8 h8 h8

my sister got into a sticky situation tonight. she called me to let me know that her best friend had taken her out to a trailer park in the middle of nowhere so that she could get a tattoo. not only was i mad that her friend had told me they were going elsewhere but i was fuming mad that my little sister was being endangered because of it. i wanted to yell until i was blue in the face when my little sister was finally brought home and her friend practically bolted. i'm just glad to see that she got home and got home safely but i'm still really angry that she was in danger at all.

then, to top it off, i got tagged in a note on the facebookz by a former boy interest of mine regarding sirens with the note that people tagged in it would understand why. i'm assuming he's calling me a siren because of how our situation played itself out and how the curiosity of each other lured us both in. it just sucks because it's like re-opening the same wound i had from him before. i'm fully over it but it's like another reminder of why we didn't work. i hate it because i over-analyze it all and what could have been done different but i know it wasn't meant to be.

seriously, what else could happen tonight to make it that much more maddening and confusing?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

cough cough hack hack SNEEZEZZZZZZZZZ

it is going on day nine on me having this funky cough. last monday, i started feeling really tired and sore and then my throat started kicking in and feeling weird, too. the cough kicked in later that night and the migraine started the next day. tuesday, i felt like a truck ran me over. by wednesday, i was back to feeling like my normal groovy self except for this funky ass cough!

seriously. coughs? who knew that coughs would be so bad/distracting? it keeps me awake at night, it makes me feel miserable during the day. i keep coughing everywhere in every place. nyquil with cough syrup didn't help, regular cough syrup didn't work. cough drops? forget about it! i have the mutant cough of doom!

it got so bad that i actually ended up going to the doctor, which is saying a lot. i hate going to the doctor for myself. i prefer letting things run its course and it being done but not this time. i resorted to medical help and am now on a thirty-day medicine that's supposed to dry the cough right out of me. however, it also makes me wicked groggy, it makes me super thirsty and it makes my vision blurry. pros and cons, i guess. here's to hoping the cough of doom dies out sooner than later!

Friday, May 8, 2009

<3 kevin devine and brian bonz

at about a minute into this video, you see the bassist, ej, point to someone in the crowd and an arm raise up in a fist pump. that fist pump is me. this is proof for my dad that i indeed got called out during the show. boo and yah.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

a story through gif files

the week before summer school is crazy. this kind of crazy:


people this past week have made me feel like this :


or this:


but things are all good and life in general makes me want to do this:


good times