Monday, December 8, 2008


finals are this week and while my stress level is normally all around out of hand, it's being pushed through the roof this week. my thing right now is trying to ignore it and not worry too much but being a natural born worrier, it's very hard to do.

after my last final thursday, the fun of the break begins. thursday night, i get to have dinner with friends i haven't seen in a while due to varying lives. friday is dim sum and we the kings with my-linh and my little sister. saturday, i leave for atlanta until the 17th and on the 19th, my-linh and i are throwing a vip party at howl at the moon. it makes me feel special for an iota of a second to know i get to be vip for once.

life is generally good right now aside from the crazy amount of stuff and stress but it's all good in the neighborhood.

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My-Linh said...

Psh, we are VIP all the time :)