Thursday, June 3, 2010

i neglect this thing so much but i've decided to take a bigger undertaking with it and actually use it to write down the ish that has been going on in my life. but tonight, i keep it short, sweet and extremely random.

case in point- i just got home from chicago where i've spent the last eight days. it's hard to go back there because technically, it is home to me and being there makes me want to move back. it's not a feasibly possible thing for me right now because i need to have my degree and a job and oh yeah, that little thing called money. i like orlando. i like chicago. i may even end up somewhere completely random in the long run. i'm keeping my options open but the nomadic itch is starting to push its way through again.

i leave you with me and my rocking side pony before i get my hair did at the end of the month. woooooooord.

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