Wednesday, October 6, 2010

my aunt

is legit a medical freak. she has these two diseases, wegener's granulomatosis and polyarteritis nodosa, and the combination of the two of them together puts her in a realm that apparently only one other person in the world has been officially diagnosed with. rad fun fact about my aunt: she's been in a shitload of medical journals for it.

my entire life, she's been what i refer to as functionally sick. she's legit on disability because she can't work due to her illnesses but pretty much can do anything else.

however, i'm starting to get really fed up with her. i have to tolerate her shit and shenanigans because she is 'sick' but it's really ridiculous how she milks it and the crap she gets away with because of it. all she ever does is constantly bemoan the fact that she can't drive due to seizures on her record, how she's sicker than everybody else and is worse off and how we need to cater to her whims because of it. you know, a person can only tolerate and accept that kind of stuff for so long.

case in point: her repetition. it's not even noon yet and she's already told me eight times since she's woken up a HALF HOUR AGO that she has a fever. okay? take a damn tylenol, lay down and stfu.

this kind of occurrence is my day to day life. my friends don't believe me until they come over and after are always like wow, wasn't expecting that. i warn people for a reason.

now, i love her and i hate that she's sick but at the same time, her shenanigans are starting to wear me down, wear me thin and drive me up a wall. i do feel better for ranting, though.

time to take her to the doctor.