Thursday, January 8, 2009

first day of spring semester

today was the first day back. i think i technically have two semesters left before i graduate with a bachelor's in history. i'm in the process of looking into what to do after graduation (getting a real job, going to grad school, being an adult, etc). basically all of the scary stuff that i really don't want to deal with yet. however, this is going to be a busy semester with a lot of work but it's looking to be really good. here is the breakdown.

early modern ireland- my first class, 10:30 to 11:45. my professor gets a lot of haters and does talk about them but this guy has changed the way i look at school. he makes you think for yourself and refuses to spoonfeed his students, which is how i think classes should be taught. he also makes me laugh when he name drops warren zevon. it'll also be great to see the new kids squirm when he picks on them to give answers.

women and christianity in antiquity and middle ages- 12 to 1:15. there are a lot of kids i know in this class, which is good. i cannot understand the teacher when he speaks, which is not good. this class is going to have a LOT of reading but i think overall, it's going to balance out and be tolerable.

french language- 1:30 to 2:45. our professor wasn't even here today, which amused me. our book costs 200 bucks, which is not good. i'm excited for this because i really do want to learn how to speak french but i know that i'm going to have to work really hard at it.

modern japan- 3 to 4:15.this class holds the potential to be really fucking awesome. i love japan and the history that lies behind the country and our teacher is pretty cool, a little hard to understand, but cool. there's about 50 kids in the class, which ought to be whittled down soon, but it holds a lot of potential.

that is the basic gist of my school schedule and i'm excited to see what happens with it.

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