Thursday, June 18, 2009

babbling about things since it was a crap day

everyone has something that they turn to when they want an instant moment of gratification and to find comfort in. on cold days, people turn to hot cocoa and fires and snuggly blankets and soup. these are the things i go to when i need/want to find instant comfort.

- my cuddle pillow. i have one pillow that i sleep holding on to because it makes me feel better to fall asleep holding onto something. i have been made fun of for this but it helps me sleep faster and sleep better.
- my black navy shirt. this thing is so threadbare that there are holes worn into it and it's practically become see-through. it was one of my dad's old shirts from when he was still in the navy and it's one of my favorite possessions.
- my nightgowns. i have two that i switch between, a black silk one and a pink and gray cotton one. they're so soft and cuddly that i just feel better when i'm in one of them and lounging around.
- the cat. no matter how bad my day has been, the cat has a way to make me feel better. it could be the fact that as soon as i get in my room, she jumps up on me and nuzzles me or her licking me or her just sleeping near me. she has quickly become my favorite thing.

it's so silly but these are really the material things that make me feel better. my friends....that's a whole other blog post altogether.

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