Monday, June 8, 2009

bath routines, oh boy!

this is so true, even if mine is more a bath thing than a shower thing. when i take a bath, i am very specific in how i have to accomplish all of my tasks. first, i make sure the water is hot but not too hot or else i look like a boiled lobster. then, the running water gets a big squirt of bubbles and i soak for a little while. next is hair washing and conditioner. the conditioner then stays in my hair for the remainder of my tub time. next is face washing and then a face scrub after that. after that, face mask that stays on the rest of the time, too. shaving necessary body parts is next. and after all of that, i have to turn the shower on to rinse out the tub, scrub and loofah my bod and rinse out the conditioner and massage the face mask off. the worst part is, i don't really like to deviate it from it that much.

sigh, i really am girly sometimes.

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