Friday, January 22, 2010

it's nearly two in the morning. by the time this posts, it'll be past that. i can't sleep. this is the third night insomnia has struck me again. i don't know why it just kind of comes and goes like this. i'll sleep like a baby tomorrow and be back to normal for a few weeks and it'll come back again.

nothing's even bothering me and that is what's bothering me. contradictory statement, huh? my life is totally awesome right now. i got a sweet new job, my family stuff is pretty calm on the home front right now, school is going just fine. so with everything in my life being on the up and up, it boggles me still that my mind just won't stop being a whirly bird and let me rest.

i like that my cure to this is listening to tilly and the wall and wearing a fake mustache. i r00l.

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