Tuesday, January 5, 2010

the past week, i've been feeling bummy. i think it stems from the changes in weather and me being sick plus contemplating all the major changes in my life that will be occurring over the next year. and what, pray tell, might those changes be?

i am supposed to graduate college this next semester and move to atlanta by december. the graduation deadline is set for me, the move to atlanta is a date that i am setting for myself.

i need to be on my own. be out of my comfort zone. i've lived with my family for nearly 23 years and in orlando for nearly 18 of them. i love it here, don't get me wrong, but i need to be an actual adult and step out into the real world and do something with my life.

the thought terrifies me. leaving the nest is scary shit. i've been sheltered from having to deal with actual adult tasks like paying bills and buying essentials but as much as it scares me, i'm also way excited for it. i'm ready to live somewhere where i still know some people and where i can meet a whole load of new ones. i'm ready to live in a bigger city that still isn't so large that i feel completely lost. i'm ready to make that change.

i think.

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