Monday, February 15, 2010

i do not exercise.

i prefer cuddly beds and ice cream and loafing around to sweating and smelling like body odor and ripped muscles.

however, i do not like the lethargic feeling that i get from no energy or what i feel is the chubby belly that greets me in the morning. note- i do not think i am overly fat but i have heft on me. if you have seen me, you can at least give me that much.

i want to change while i'm still young enough that i can establish better health habits in my life that will last me. that is why, starting tomorrow, i am going on a diet and exercise regime.

feel free to laugh at this point. i laughed at myself for considering this for like twenty minutes.

starting tomorrow, i embark on the p90x workout. i can already guarantee that there will be days of it not being done, due to work obligations and concerts and such but i am going to stick to the schedule as much as i can. i also am making modifications to my diet, some more slowly than others. no more pop at all. more fruits and vegetables. smaller portions. and the kicker for me is that i'm going to start phasing out some meat from my diet. this is the change that will probably take me the longest and maybe not even fully until i move out of my house but eventually i'd like to get down to maybe just chicken and fish.

tomorrow, i will be posting about the first workout and how i'm doing on the whole 'diet' thing. this is going to be an interesting 90 days.

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myownlittleuniverse said...

good luck!!! i'm pretty crappy at exercising too. i have found yoga to be one form of exercise i do like. i'm not a runner and not really into anything cardio (altho i wish i was) so yoga really works for me. and i like to lift some weights and walk on the treadmill on an incline.
hopefully you can find something that works for you and stick with it!