Tuesday, March 2, 2010

random list time!

- i really have let my room get out of control. tomorrow, i'm cleaning it all up again after my midterm.
- that being said, i'm not horribly worried about my midterms and that worries me. vicious cycle.
- at work, we get our products with stickers that have the faces of people who made said product. there's this one guy with a burly beard and i have fallen for him based on the cartoon sticker of him and his beard. it could work.
- i've been sleeping in nightgowns late;y and wearing more dresses. it's not that i have a particular affinity for them, i just really don't like pants.
- i'm figuring out that while i have fairly girly, i have some really masculine attributes. like forgetting deodorant, forgetting to shave, wearing clothes a few days in a row. it's not because i want to be like a dude, i'm just forgetful and lazy. just saying.
- harvest of hope is coming up soon and freaking BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE is gonna be there! totally worth going for that reason alone. that and it's me and my girls enjoying st. augustine and some liquor. it's going to be epic.
-also, disney trip soon! holla!

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