Wednesday, March 17, 2010

i blog in lists. it's what i do.

- harvest of hope rocked. new favorites are mucca pazza for sure. huge ass marching band from chicago with rad people who are down to hang. also met man man. awesome awesome. I ALSO HUGGED KEVIN DREW. it was like my sixteen year old dream come true. so amazing.
- our store's set to reopen soon. totally stoked on it. it's gonna look wicked amazing plus i miss seeing all the girls (and one guy).
- my aunt got some bad health news. it's really like throwing another chip onto the shit pile that is her health but we're all hoping for the best and sending good vibes her way.
- my birthday's in a week. i'm going to be 23. it's weird. i don't care about it BUT i do care about the dillinger escape plan and darkest hour show that's happening the day before. heeeeeeeeell yeaaaaaaaaaaah.

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