Thursday, April 22, 2010

you're supposed to do what makes you happy in life, right? be who you want to be. do what you want to do. go with the flow. enjoy the ride.

not according to my mother.

i went downstairs to get a drink and she called me over to her to ask me a favor. said favor is that i get no more piercings or tattoos. she said that if she wanted to have another son, then she would have had another son and that my tattoos and piercings make me manly and not a girl and that ladies don't do these sorts of things. what is this? the 1950's? no offense but i am no june cleaver. i may dress like her once in a while just because i can and i want to but i'm not going to be some docile housewife who's going to give my husband a martini when he gets home from work. to be blunt, fuck that.


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