Tuesday, September 16, 2008

the threat of impending papers with due dates coming perilously close to being here has made my urge to blog and procrastinate that much worse. that and having john sitting on my bed while i'm vegging out in my computer chair is not helping. i love having him over but we are totally not getting any work done. we're too busy searching facebook and various other sources on the internet like youtube and the like. it's so much more fun to not do anything and to sit and talk and discuss things of vital importance to our lives and no one else's. this is why we are mind twins.

my insomnia has come back with a vengeance lately. the past few nights have left me unable to fall asleep until at least 3 or 4 and i just don't sleep or sleep well. it hasn't hit the critical level of my not being able to function properly yet but it'll be there within a week or so. i'm more productive when i don't sleep, though, at least at night. i can stay up and work on papers and clean up my bedroom partially or become engrossed in marathons of bizarre foods and no reservations. my next solution is to work my way through the first three seasons of it's always sunny in philadelphia while i can't sleep and try to not laugh out loud....literally.

i realize that i ramble on and probably say nothing of importance but does it really matter anyway? everyone pretty much has a blog nowadays and i may as well let myself keep this and document the random and mundane acts and events of my life. besides, it'll give me and my friends something to laugh about. this is it for today's ramblin' rollllll.

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