Sunday, September 7, 2008

random blurbs

-nothing quite beats the feeling of winning something on ebay that you really wanted.
-cherry picker smoothies from smoothie hut are delicious.
-insomnia is horrible but it makes you become more productive because you gain more hours in your day.
-burt's bees thoroughly therapeutic honey and shea butter body butter smells exactly like fried ice cream from amigo's. it's the best way to indulge in the dessert without actually having to eat it.
-i'm more materialistic than i would like to be.
-hearing a two year old say unicorn "anoonicorn" is the cutest thing ever,
-vintage things seem more my style lately. the old is new again.
-school is kicking my butt back into gear and although it's hard, it's going to totally be worth it.
-make your own pirate necklaces are a good way to kill ten minutes.
-hair dye is an addiction. so is internet shopping.
-things are groovy.

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