Sunday, October 19, 2008


this is, by far, my worst habit. i have a tendency to put off the task i'm supposed to do until i absolutely have to do it or i find something else to do instead. case in point: i'm supposed to read thirty pages of an essay and take notes on it for my medieval ireland class. mind you, i have about 17 pages done now but instead of sitting down and doing it all in one go, i've cleaned my room, read three magazines, drank two cups of tea, read a book, broke a nail and bandaged it up and internet browsed.

sometimes, it makes me wonder if i have a.d.d. or something because i can't sit still and i can't focus half the time. it's slightly frustrating to not be able to sit still. like even now, i just got up and paced around the hallway and am organizing my photobucket and looking for lolcats. yeesh. but i will leave you with my favorite lolcat for the day.


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