Saturday, October 25, 2008

sometimes, you have the kind of nights that make you feel really good about life. last night was one of them.

when i got to backbooth, i ran into two friends of mine that i haven't seen in probably a year of two, jay and gabe. so we hung out during the show and what a show, it was.

the first band was this group called j roddy and the business. the bassist alone had my attention with his pornstache and his long, curly hair. i was like a horse with blinders on for their set, just mesmerized by this guy. decent music, hilarious set but it was unintentionally so, which makes it that much better.

next was william elliott whitmore and holy lord, was he fantastic. he did a few songs just singing, no instruments and then he busted out his banjo and his guitar. he also debuted some new songs from his next album and by far, my favorite is going to be 'johnny law'. he finished up and found out he still had twenty minutes so he took requests and i hollered for him to play 'take it on the chin', which is my favorite of his songs. he started playing it and halfway through, he realized that he forgot how it went so he had to get help from people. amazing.

after him was murder by death. they wore robot costumes and adam thurla, the lead singer, told the worst robot jokes i have ever heard. but they played the best setlist possible with songs from all of their albums and some of my favorite.

i do think the highlight of my evening, though, was meeting william elliott whitmore while he was drunk as hell and him continuing to offer to buy me drinks with me politely refusing. great guy, lots of fun and a great hugger but very persistent.

i had such an amazing night last night and i'm so glad that i felt decent enough to go. i'm even wearing the shirt i bought last night because i'm trying to hold this feeling a little longer. i wish i could go to shows for a living. what a life that would be.

oh, just for the lolz. here's a cat macro.


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