Sunday, October 12, 2008

overworked and overwhelmed, that is what i am. i go from being non-busy and non-social to being super busy and non-social. i'm working on the socializing aspect, though. i'm starting to go out more and hang out with more people, head downtown every week or two to go see a show or go dancing. easing back into it is better for me. people don't normally expect it from me but i'm painfully shy at times, i just mask it with a boisterous appearance.

this coming week is going to be a little nuts. i have a presentation and midterm on tuesday, followed by a mini roadtrip to take my grandpa back to his house and while i'm there, i'm going to see senses fail in sebastian, florida. why? because there is nothing else to do in sebastian, florida and this ought to provide some lolz. thursday night, i'm probably going to this party downtown called hands up orlando. i guess they're kind of like the misshapes of the city but it's two guys from my history of cuba class and they're pretty cool so i can venture out for them and some dancing with my sister and my best guy friend.

work's good but babysitting always is. four days this week. i just need like a vacation or a timeout to sit down and just marvel at the different crap i am managing to fit in. even now, i'm taking a break from cleaning the house before my mom comes home because it is her birthday and this is my job for the afternoon. in parting, i leave you with this just because looking at it makes me happy:


god, he is beautiful

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