Thursday, November 13, 2008

i prefer blogging in bullet points. mind you, they always end up being massively elongated bullet points but it seems to be my style so here goes the random bullet point bloggy bits of boring information for the past few days.

- ice skating on a lumpy rink is not the best thing your school can provide. i have the scraped up arm and bruised pelvis to prove this point.
- they need to make mini zambonis for mini ice rinks.
- i want to be paid now so i can buy a yo gabba gabba shirt from hot topic. best kids show ever.
- i'm addicted to twitter like no one's business now. i had once proclaimed that i would never jump on that bandwagon but i have and i do not want off.
- the betsey johnson outlet store is the best thing i have ever seen. even better is that the salesgirl has me in her book now so i get notified of sales before the public.
- victoria's secret love spell is the best scent created by man.
- all cupcakes should come with a pudding center. it makes the whole confection that much cooler in my book.
- boys create a crapload of unnecessary drama without even meaning to half the time. i generally dislike the majority of them at the moment.
- i have become a hermit in my own household due to insane family members. i hate leaving my room just to pee because i'll get bombarded by the questioning squad of whether or not i need anything. i'm 21, i think i know how to get a glass of water by now, thaaaanks.

i think that about covers it

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