Sunday, November 2, 2008

insomnia is a crap thing. wanting to sleep and not being able to is horrible. i've had sporadic spells of this off and on for the past few years due to schoolwork and general life throwing my sleeping patterns and my body out of whack. i have gotten back into another jag of not being able to sleep until 3, 4, 5 in the morning and then sleeping either too little or too much.

i think that the worst part about not being able to sleep is that with nothing else to do, my mind starts to wander and it's not necessarily a good thing. it's not that i'm thinking bad thoughts, it's just that i have about fifty million things flying around in my head at once that crash into each other and run a muck and create all of these different tangents that create more thoughts and when that happens, i normally am in bed with no notebook around me to write any of it down to try and make sense of.

my thoughts and ideas are nothing new, i know. everything i possibly think of has probably already been presented somewhere by someone in some manner but with everything crashing around here all the time, it's hard to think straight. i need notebooks to carry with me to write down everything i think or hear or see or what strikes me. hell, i need stock in that.

even now, the lack of sleep is bringing about the crazy talk. lolcat time to fit the mood.

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