Wednesday, May 20, 2009

cough cough hack hack SNEEZEZZZZZZZZZ

it is going on day nine on me having this funky cough. last monday, i started feeling really tired and sore and then my throat started kicking in and feeling weird, too. the cough kicked in later that night and the migraine started the next day. tuesday, i felt like a truck ran me over. by wednesday, i was back to feeling like my normal groovy self except for this funky ass cough!

seriously. coughs? who knew that coughs would be so bad/distracting? it keeps me awake at night, it makes me feel miserable during the day. i keep coughing everywhere in every place. nyquil with cough syrup didn't help, regular cough syrup didn't work. cough drops? forget about it! i have the mutant cough of doom!

it got so bad that i actually ended up going to the doctor, which is saying a lot. i hate going to the doctor for myself. i prefer letting things run its course and it being done but not this time. i resorted to medical help and am now on a thirty-day medicine that's supposed to dry the cough right out of me. however, it also makes me wicked groggy, it makes me super thirsty and it makes my vision blurry. pros and cons, i guess. here's to hoping the cough of doom dies out sooner than later!

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