Sunday, May 31, 2009

list of the weeeeeeeeek

instead of socializing with the crap ton of people that are going in and out of my sister's house at warp speed, i have holed up in her bedroom to type out some random crap. i'm not in the best of moods today so i'm hoping that i can turn my emo little frown upside down and put a smile back on. besides, there's someone somewhere worse off than myself so i really can't be too bummed out. and so, onwards with the random list of the week.

- rocket fuel (the drink) sneaks up on you real fast
- walking in high heels while tipsy is a valuable asset and one of my new favorite skills.
- the orlando magic pwns everyone
- lebron james is overhyped
- i'm way too into basketball
- fire pits are awesome
- cuddle pillows are where it's at
- i miss my sister's kitty
- i'm going to buy her a leash and see if we can't teach her to walk on it
- i want to go fly in space
- it's nice to have a good support system when you're blue (da be de da be di)
- i love my best friend
- i hate getting shitty wake up calls
- i really hate crying, especially in front of other people
- my face looks like a tomato when i get upset
- i love belting out songs in my car on the highway by myself
- i'm glad i realized that before my trip to naples/miami in july
- i ought to be able to afford my feet tattoos by the end of june
- soap operas suck
- i like making lists

i feel slightly better now. all i need now is some lolcats and kitty cuddles and all is right as rain again. ballin'.

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