Monday, May 25, 2009

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my sister got into a sticky situation tonight. she called me to let me know that her best friend had taken her out to a trailer park in the middle of nowhere so that she could get a tattoo. not only was i mad that her friend had told me they were going elsewhere but i was fuming mad that my little sister was being endangered because of it. i wanted to yell until i was blue in the face when my little sister was finally brought home and her friend practically bolted. i'm just glad to see that she got home and got home safely but i'm still really angry that she was in danger at all.

then, to top it off, i got tagged in a note on the facebookz by a former boy interest of mine regarding sirens with the note that people tagged in it would understand why. i'm assuming he's calling me a siren because of how our situation played itself out and how the curiosity of each other lured us both in. it just sucks because it's like re-opening the same wound i had from him before. i'm fully over it but it's like another reminder of why we didn't work. i hate it because i over-analyze it all and what could have been done different but i know it wasn't meant to be.

seriously, what else could happen tonight to make it that much more maddening and confusing?

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M said...

Both are douchetards x 100.