Sunday, July 11, 2010

this week has been infinitely better than the last. i feel like shit has shifted in the universe to where i feel like the pile of suck that seemed to hang over my head may not be hovering above me as close as it was. i did bring it upon myself but at least there's definitely been a major improvement.

we've had a few amazing nights downtown with lots of dancing and smiling and laughing. we went to this place called rebounderz, which has tons and tons of indoor trampolines. we bounced on walls and beat little kids and dodgeball. i went bowling with my brother. i took my little sister to lunch. i had a bowling tournament with the girls from work with a lot of ridiculous costumes, lots of bonding time and amaretto sours for me.

it's nice having a social life again after allowing myself to become a quasi-hermit for about two years. it's even better that we've been having good times going out inside of shitty ones. this coming week is going to be full of win, too. kennedy space center, fuddrucker's with my-linh, backbooth for 80's night, ibar for grits and gravy and five year flashback.

i love life.

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