Monday, July 26, 2010

weight loss update

so it's actually been about five weeks since i've embarked on my lose weight, look great sort of half ass plan that i've started. i will admit, i've slacked severely on the exercise front. i've only been doing yoga about twice a week but i have been walking around a lot more than usual. i've also been cutting down portion sizes a lot and not snacking/grazing as much as i used to.

that being said, i came out of my room this morning and my younger sister looked at me rather quizzically and asked if i was skinnier. i haven't really been paying much attention the last few weeks so i went and weighed myself and i've officially lost 12 pounds. i can't lie, it felt pretty damn good to see that i've lost that much. my goal now is another 30 and i think it's definitely doable, especially if i step up my game on the exercise front.

my sister also complained that i've been looking cuter than her lately. that part, i'm not as sure about but i think my little sister is gorgeous so it oddly made me feel good. i've suffered with self esteem issues for years and i've gotten to an acceptance level with myself where i think that i'm cute. i'm not model gorgeous but i'm not hideous either and it's taken me a long time to just accept myself. now i'm just trying to improve myself further.

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